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Tamara Pluviose Black Girl Magic Basketb

Tamara pluviose

Tamara Pluviose is the founder and Executive Director of the Black Girls Magic Basketball Foundation, established in 2012. Tamara’s inspiration to create the BGMB Foundation originates from her love for basketball from the days she played at home with her siblings to playing on her high school team. Tamara is also the mother of two lady ballers. Tamara also values education and entrepreneurship. 


With firsthand knowledge of the challenges young Black female athletes face, Tamara created the BGMB Foundation to support, uplift, and honor young Black girls—especially those who love to ball. Through this scholarship, college seniors can continue their education in graduate school or transition out of basketball into other ventures. The money can be used to pay for classes, jump-start an entrepreneurial venture, or relocate to a new city for a job. The possibilities are wide open. 


The scholarship for high school seniors provides funding to jumpstart their collegiate student-athlete career. Recipients may use the funds for books, dorm room essentials, meals, and other amenities needed in their transition from high school to college. 


Tamara is driven, motivated, caring and compassionate and these qualities are truly reflected in her work through the BGMB Foundation. Under Tamara’s leadership and vision, the BGMB Foundation is breaking down barriers and setting the stage for Black girls to shine both on and off the court.

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